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All-Stars YouthBuild Basketball Tournament!

June 2nd, 2023 was a remarkable day for the YouthBuild NYC Collaborative and the participating YouthBuild programs. The second YouthBuild Basketball tournament took place in Newark, New Jersey, marking a significant event since the COVID-19 pandemic. The first tournament was held in April 2023, featuring four YouthBuild programs representing different boroughs in New York City.

In the second tournament, the NYC All-Stars team was formed, consisting of the top players from the YouthBuild programs in NYC that participated in the first tournament. They competed against YouthBuild programs from Philadelphia and Newark, New Jersey. While basketball was the central attraction, the day held greater significance as an opportunity for community building and service among the YouthBuild programs from three different states.

The event included five YouthBuild programs: Youth Action YouthBuild from East Harlem, YouthBuild Newark, YouthBuild IMPACT, YouthBuild United Community Corporation from Newark, New Jersey, and YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School. The day started with 35 YouthBuild students and staff coming together to assemble 10 new bunk beds for a local shelter, showcasing their commitment to community service.

Following the community service project, the basketball games commenced, and YouthBuild Philadelphia Charter School emerged as the tournament champions. It's evident that the day held a special significance, fostering both community service and team building among the YouthBuild programs.Overall, it was a beautiful day where the YouthBuild programs from different states came together, not only to compete in basketball but also to contribute positively to their communities and establish stronger bonds among themselves.

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