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"YouthBuild is for you if you are looking to get your High School Equivalency / GED, and if you want vocational training and certifications in various trades, internships, a biweekly stipend, leadership development and counseling, opportunities for community service, and assistance with placement to college and  jobs... all in one year!

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High School Equivalency / GED

The program offers an education program that strengthens critical thinking, lifelong learning, skill development (reading, writing, math, and technology) and can lead to a GED or a high school diploma, and opens the door to postsecondary education or advanced technical training.

Vocational Training &


YouthBuild provides hands-on vocational training and certifications in various trades which is essential for empowering young individuals and increasing their employability in the workforce. By offering training in construction, building trades, maintenance, green infrastructure, and other fields, YouthBuild programs equip students with practical skills that align with the needs of the job market, enhance their resumes and also give them a competitive edge when applying for entry-level positions in their chosen industries.


Internships are set up with private electrical, plumbing, engineering, carpentry, and architectural firms, and in local businesses,  allowing well-performing YouthBuild students to obtain additional experience and training during the program cycle.

Bi-weekly Stipend

YouthBuild students at most sites receive stipends to help with their basic costs during the YouthBuild year.

Leadership Development

At YouthBuild, Opportunity youth develop the skill sets and mindsets required to grow into community leaders as they are called to play active service and leadership roles in their local communities. Our young people gain a deeper awareness of their personal role in addressing ongoing social justice concerns and help change the conditions of poverty through civic engagement and community service.


High standards for personal responsibility and group participation are set, with input from staff and students. The program makes clear from the beginning, in selection, orientation, and thereafter, that entering YouthBuild is finding a safe haven from the street, a place of safety, respect, tolerance, and learning.  Staff “success managers” are there to support each student’s particular personal, academic, and vocational needs.

Assistance with College & Job Placement

While going on to college is optional, YouthBuild encourages lifelong learning, and in many cases college studies will emerge as a viable and useful next-step.  Of course employment – immediate or after college – is important, and YouthBuild staff will be there to help open doors.

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